This is a /now page, which joins one of many in the /now page movement to describe what I am focusing on now. I’ve also added what I was focused on before now.

Right now I’m interested in blood and I’m interested in generation of minimal music.


Before now I’ve been interested in a number of things, and for one reason or another I’ve taken a break from working on them, for now. Support any /all of of my projects with BTC at 32SA8RGrdY8skSEoD6FyJs45U84N7ZaHGM. Every fraction of a Bitcoin helps to keep the servers running. Stay up-to-date by watching this page on Github.

I do not view any of these other projects as “deprecated”, as I do not want to discourage anyone from using anything I made. However, the projects near the top of each list are projects I’m more likely to return to in the near future.

I’ve grouped them into categories: Writing, Automation, Food, Music, Golang, Transfering Data, and Misc.



Transfering data



These are generic libraries I wrote for myself, but may be of use to other Golangers. Each library is something that I needed at a given time for a given project (more information on each).



I write and I write things to write. Every iteration gets closer to my perfect writing tool. The common thread through all these programs is that I want a minimal writing tool that is secure and easy to sync across devices (or exists in a cloud). The latest iteration is at the top and previous iterations are at the bottom.



Automation has been a passion of mine for a long time. I used to install sensors to detect neurodegeneration in elderly and its built into a lifestyle - where I try to use tools (hardware and computers) to automate tasks without human supervision.



I love music, I’m currently learning to play marimba and kalimba and I’m still practicing piano and guitar.

Creating music

These are tools that I’ve used to help create music, I’m especially interested in doing it in an computer-augmented way.


Enjoying music

These are mostly a collection of tools that enable listening to music.



I’m interested in collecting and curating the enormous number of recipes that exist on the web. I believe that there is some information that can be gained by understanding all of these recipes as a whole, and I’ve been trying to write software to realize this.