About my art

I started painting large animals as a way to observe life on a scale that is no longer microscopic. Animals are a million times bigger than the usual objects of my observation, but that makes them no less fascinating and intriguing. Painting provides a totally new lens to look at the world around me, it allows me to truly see the colors and the shapes on a way I’ve never appreciated at a scale I’ve often neglected to observe.

I like my paintings to deliver the sense of scale and magnificence of these creatures, so I often try to make close-to one-to-one representations. I also enjoy revealing the process of painting itself through my paintings, which is why many of the brush strokes are more obvious. Brush strokes also give a sense of motion to the painting, which is fitting since many of our interactions with these animals is fleeting.


Made by Zack, filed in Painting. 2019.